5 Ways to Spot and Hire a Good Paralegal


No matter how dedicated you are to your business or how personally you take what you do, the truth is – you can’t do everything yourself, nor you should (hey, burnout, we’re looking at you!). So, if you’ve got plenty of things to do, and you often find yourself dozing off in the middle of a proposal you are working on, this is the perfect time to start looking for a good paralegal to hire.

Good help is complicated to find, and you don’t want to risk someone’s inexperience or their unethical behavior to ruin your business. So, go through these quick, easy tips that’ll make hiring a paralegal much easier:

Do They Have the Necessary Credentials?

The first step to considering your candidate’s application is confirming they have all the necessary credentials. You want to be on the outlook for a certificate in paralegal studies, or an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. The first step is to decide what you need in a paralegal, and then start the search.

Can They Follow Directions?

Start quizzing potential employees right away; while sitting down for an interview is potentially the best way to see if you’ve got a fitting candidate before you, why not start immediately with the job posting? Be very specific about what you are looking for and be clear about the instructions regarding the type of employee you are looking to get. Also, include specifics you’d like to get with the resume, such as cover letters, attachments, recommendations from the previous job(s) or salary expectations. When you receive submissions, eliminate applications that didn’t comply with your instructions. If your potential candidates don’t know how to follow instructions on a job application, you don’t want to hire them, at all.

Can They Write?

A job application along with a candidate’s resume says a lot about that candidate’s literacy. So, take a look at your candidate’s resume, cover letter, and motivation letter (if they sent one). Are they well written? Is the formatting fitting? Do the documents look presentable? Being a good paralegal requires attention to detail, computer literacy, and excellent writing skills: their submissions will tell you more than you can imagine.

Do They Have Good Practical Experience?

Practical experience plays a huge role in hiring paralegals, and it’s usually up to you to decide which way you want to go. Are you looking into hiring someone who’s been around the block? Or, you’d instead work with a newbie that you can mold? Choose someone compatible with your requirements for the position.

Are They a Team Player?

Being great at what you do is lovely; but, being able to fit into a team and work with them for the same goal is what makes a good paralegal. Look for clues on the resume that point at this candidate’s engagement in both solitary and team pursuits, and weigh in on which one prevails. You want someone who can fit in, and play along.

Hiring a new member of the team is never easy, but these five tips will hopefully help you narrow down the candidates to a great pool. If you need any more advice on the most efficient ways to hire a good paralegal, contact Platinum Paralegals – we’ll be happy to talk with you!